Deborah Women International Ministries

Deborah  Women International  is the women ministry Arms of D&BIM. 

Deborah in the book of judges chapter 4 & 5  was a woman that was called of God to  stand with Barak delivered   their nation from the enemy  destruction. 

DWI  is a woman ministry  the Lord is using in this end time to raise women  Worriors with a mission  to fight in spiritual warfare  facing family in our generation. 

These are women who are fearless  in going to enemy  camp to free  their family. 

DWI consist  of women from all walks of life, from housewives to the very echelons of society.

 DWI presently  has women warrior in many parts of the world.

For more about how you  can be part of these warrior in your area please get in touch with  us.